Dropping all legacy and older Nvidia drivers ?!?

I don’t want to start a fight, or anything like that, so I’m going to shut up now.

Windows does support nvidia 340 series drivers and will do for foreseeable future. Of course, it is not something comparable with Linux.

However, the entire LTS kernel idea was based on something dependable for next 5 years which won’t break binary compatibility with drivers and X11 was feature-frozen in 1.2 because wayland is taking off. In fact, LTS kernel is why there is something like Ubuntu-LTS. Nobody would have promised a Linux with no major breakage next 5 years if there wasn’t a LTS kernel.

Most of people who opted in for LTS kernel on a rolling release did so things like this didn’t happen (wake up and see your working chip stop working).

Can people just please stop recommending a chip change? It is so Windows/MacOS like. GPU is SOLDERED to mainboard, how are we supposed to change a chip? Should we throw away working hardware because Nvidia/some trendy maintainer tells us so? The entire open source idea happened thanks to a device which was declined to be supported by HP.


I’ll comment from the grave here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @Ilgaz,

Yes, I know, that’s why I use the LTS kernel myself. And I thank everyone that makes it possible!

That was not what I wan ranting about, though. I meant @GokuSan yelling and moaning about having to do (some) extra work, that was discussed previously, and then moaning and yelling at @philm about it. That’s a crappy attitude.

I read up before doing the update. And surprise, surprise, it turned out that was good!

[lowers back down into grave]


I have read about it, but I have missed the line where they say we will forcefully remove the drivers, that you already have. The tutorial is oki I did it. Just going again through something I have done previously its annoying and unnecessary.

Understandable, but does that justify your attitude … ?

@Mirdarthos pls stop it, even I feel like 5-year old already :upside_down_face:

Please, let’s focus on technical and not personal.

Some people - just like me - bought their current hardware long before even exploring the idea of using GNU/Linux. Or, maybe even if they knew, sometimes it was hard to find other options (AMD wasn’t very popular on notebooks some years ago, for example).

And it’s also worth mentioning that AMD drivers weren’t always so good, like described here and here.

I’m not going to buy Nvidia again. But it’s already too late and it’s not my fault.

Yes, this is most likely what happens. A lot of people simply aren’t going to buy something new if their current hardware is sufficient and working. If you consider countries like mine, where hardware is very expensive, it’s even more likely to happen: we generally tend to use our hardware to its full extent.

The easier way is to just change the operating system. And I guess this was expected… Some users are going to migrate to other distros. Maybe even Windows 10.


Sincere apologies.

I just loathe, despise, hate that kind of entitled, I guess you can call it, attitude.

I don’t know what to say really. People that have old card and don’t have money to get new ones are screwed. Not to mention some laptop users.

Personally I’ve been thinking of getting AMD card in the future to replace my 1080ti.
Not sure yet, they both have good and bad qualities.


As mentioned before people who bought nvidia like me didn’t intend on running Linux on their gaming rig when they bought it. I myself was convinced by someone that game compatiblity had gotten good enough to use Linux I was then sold after seeing the lutris entry of the Star Wars mmo and the ratings on protondb. I didn’t even know nvidia made Linux drivers until I installed manjaro.


All though I think the team should have supported the lts kernels with legacy drivers Phil has given a really simple guide on how to compile yourself. A lot of other distros don’t offer nvidia support out of the box and you have to compile yourself.

I run a msi laptop with nvidia and know sooner or later my card won’t be supported. I can then either compile the drivers myself or migrate to another distro. Either way I won’t complain manjaro is a great distro that I’ve been able to use free of charge(I have bought merch though).

I’m not sure I understand this decision. The work required to make legacy drivers work with a modern kernel has already been done by the community or by other distros. Debian is supporting the NVIDIA 340xx and 390xx series with Linux 5.10 in Debian 11, officially, and aggressively patches the drivers as necessary for this. Surely there’s minimal effort in merely reusing work already done by others in order to enhance Manjaro’s hardware support. Even if certain features like CUDA are unavailable, having fast and reliable 3D acceleration (not always a guarantee with nouveau) is a huge boon.


My machine did not even use legacy Nvidia drivers, but the latest, and the update broke my system. So I have already switched to another distro that won’t pull this on me.

I’ve used Nouveau on Mint and it works really well. Keeping older drivers makes sense too but I guess there’s a realistic limit to how long they can be kept.

I feel back stabbed. I only use a lts kernel. I only run stable. I use Manjaro because Arch does stupid things that break systems like this. I can bet Debian will have legacy Nvidia driver support for the next decade, and Debian testing is a rolling release.
I rolled back the last update and will likely not update again as I ponder what to do. Sadly there isnt money at present to upgrade my hardware.

Do you know if I can push through the “nvidia-340xx-dkms 340-108-13” update with Pamac without issue or will it break NVIDIA GLX?

You can even run nvidia 304 class driver on the latest W10, so… yes? People don’t care and actually very much appreciate that.

Of course this shouldn’t come as an undue burden on your side, that would be really gross, but even if we were talking about the most stupid simple of said users having to stick with 5.4 for its entire life cycle it would be a win.
(and that’s not even the case, since as already said good people on debian and the AUR are already doing most of the heavy lifting)

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can the team please bring back support for the 440xx drivers? The 455xx version of the nvidia driver is a real hot mess! For example after Installing the 455xx version on my laptop with a RTX 2060 Mobile my battery life drops form 7 hours to an hour and a half and my fans are constantly running. And I’m not even using the the nvidia gpu.


nvidia-455 is buggy. It has been in difficulty with strange bug and crash since 3 month without a fix. If you search “kernel panic due to null pointer” on nivida forum you will find the thread where everyone is complaining.

I solved it by downgrading at 450 but now those drivers are removed and rolling upgrade pushed the 455 buggy version again on my laptop. It is crashing two or three times a day. Rolling driver is not recommanded imho as you don’t have the choice. Even in windows you can install a old version if you want.

Please push back the 450 version again.