Dropbox asks authentication is needed to run /bin/sh as the super user

Here is my Dropbox sync issue.

It does not add updated files to Dropbox immediately. I have to turn Dropbox off and turn it on again so that Dropbox can sync. When I run Dropbox again, a pop-up shows up saying Authentication is needed to run /bin/sh

Do you guys have any idea about why it happens and how to fix it?

Package installed from AUR is generally unsupported. The best place to ask is the maintainer of the PKGBUILD.

You have provided no useful information about the package - then impossible to comment.

Usually applications handling user data inside the user’s home - don’t ever require superuser to handle those data.

I know there’s an issue with Dropbox from the aur needing key authentication but I thought that was just to install it. I installed the flatpak version of Dropbox, I know its not the answer to your problem but the flatpak version does sync properly

Have a look in the AUR package section on the Arch website, and search for Dropbox. In the comments there is talk of needing the import of a key to build Dropbox. If you download and import the key it MAY or may not help with this issue. I don’t see how but it can’t do any harm and is worth a long shot. :man_shrugging: