Driver updates etc

Hello there,

Is there a intel cpu and iGPU driver I have to install/update in order to get the best experience on my machine? I also have an Nvidia gpu but it’s already configured.

If theres none, I’m sorry for askin these questions. I’m quite new to linux


When you install the updates of the system you also get the firmware update and kernel update …

We don’t know if you have a Laptop or Desktop PC. Usually this is how you provide good information:

That way we would know if you switch graphics or not, or corelate with your question.

Questions are welcome, especially if we can clarify for you how the system/drivers work. Knowing your system helps to connect the dots. No need to apologize, just that is not quite clear what you mean by

If you are experiencing issue with the install/system, please mention them as exemplified in the link above.


I’m really really sorry
I thought the info you give during the Manjaro forum account making process is public.
I’m running on a laptop with i7 9750h paired with a GTX 1650 Max-Q.
Im on 5.9.1-1 and on the Nvidia-455xx drivers or the non-free as mentioned in the wiki.
And I’m not really been experiencing any issues (it’s working pretty smooth so far),
I’m just trying to squeeze every sing ounce of performance I could get from using Manjaro.

Here is a nice Arch wiki entry with some tips to improve overall performance:

Blender will not find any CUDA device with 5.9 kernel. OpenCL is also not working either with it, so your will render with the CPU only. The system interface works, but that was not what you wanted, right? Or what is the goal you actually have in mind?

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Oh, I didn’t know that.
I think I would just settle with my current set up then.
Thanks for the help!

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