Driver for Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd D-Wave 2GB MP4 Player / AK1025 MP3/MP4 Player

Hi, my mp3/mp4 player does not work on my manjaro kde.

Can you help me find and install the correct drivers?
This is the device after giving lsusb

Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd D-Wave 2GB MP4 Player / AK1025 MP3/MP4 Player

You need to install mtpfs and gvfs-mtp … more about on Media Transfer Protocol - ArchWiki

I installed both, but even though I connect the device via usb it is not seen, only lsusb sees it in the terminal.

Which desktop environment are you using? KDE can do it all effortlessly when automatically mounting is enabled in settings. Overall, most file managers have their own options for automount in settings, but some devices will be seen as mass storage devices like HDs or flash drives.

If terminal sees it, you could try setting it up manually too.

Add your username to plugdev group with:
sudo usermod -a -G plugdev yourusername

Uncomment in /etc/fuse.conf the line with user_allow_other

Mount with mtpfs -o allow_other ~/mnt

When you are done, you can unmount with fusermount -u ~/mnt

If lusb is showing Linux Foundation 3.0 root hub, which points to USB-3 devices, you may need additional steps, including testing different kernels and drivers.

I use kde, it detects everything except this device.
If I try to use your commands and add manually it tells me this: usermod: group ‘plugdev’ does not exist

Create the group with sudo groupadd plugdev

The sole reason for this group on arch is to avoid some udev warnings. You can skip it, if you want.

I did everything, went back and wrote the other commands as well, but when I got here, I stopped with this answer:

mtpfs -o allow_other ~/mnt  :heavy_check_mark:  11s 
Listing raw device(s)
No raw devices found.

What is the output of sudo lsmod | grep xhci_pci?

And inxi -Fazy?

sudo lsmod | grep xhci_pci  :heavy_check_mark:
xhci_pci 20480

The first result here, the second one we leave out if it is not absolutely essential.

But is it a normal thing that it should be so complicated to connect an mp3 player to the computer?

As far as I could search about your device, there’re many complains.

I would suggest that you try installing the renesas driver for xhci_pci. My own rig doesn’t work properly without it.

Alright, just make sure you are not using an EOL kernel.

Kindly, I am having difficulty installing this driver as I get to download the gtub code and not the file, could you please help me with this last test? At worst I will have thrown away 50 bucks

I reckon it would be easier for you to install it using add/remove software. Make sure you have aur enabled in settings and go to browse and seach for upd72020x-fw in the aur.

If you want to use pamac-cli, run

pamac install base-devel git
pamac build upd72020x-fw

Reboot and insert again your device in the usb.

I installed, still thanks for the help but it doesn’t work