Drive Sharing Manjaro KDE / Windows 10

Hello :slight_smile:

It’s my first post. I am new to Linux, I am trying to understand how to enable Folder/Drive sharing between Manjaro KDE and Windows 10.

I have followed this guide with no success keep getting denied error :

I checked my Samba.conf file seems ok. I even installed gufw and turned it on with all set to allow still same issue.

My windows machine is the main one with Manjaro KDE 20.1 being on my storage PC. I download everything on Windows 10 then move to Storage PC at least that’s my intention.

I really want to switch to Manjaro but this is hard…

Please help…

What issue exactly?

“denied” meaning permission denied ?

Did you follow this section?

Yes I followed to the Tee… I get prompted for username and pass. I use the created credentials I get Denied error…

I am currently testing on VMWare… Bridged networking to get same IP range.

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