Drag & drop does not work for files from zip archive (and in some other places)

Hello everyone,

I have a “fresh” installation of Manjaro: Installed a few days ago, installed all my software and all updates. I have an issue I did not have before: When I drag & drop a file from a zip archive to a folder, it does not extract. I get the “copy” mouse cursor but nothing happens at all. I can extract to that place using the “extract” button though. I use Gnome, the Gnome default archive manager application and either Nemo or Nautilus, makes no difference.

Additionally, some other drag & drop processes behave weirdly. Adding items to a playlist in VLC seems buggy (fails if I drop on blank space, works if I drop on a song). Dragging folders to a FreeFileSync path text box used to place the path in that text box but no longer does. Moving files around in Nemo does work.

Any ideas where to start investigating?

Thanks in advance.

Start disabling all shell extensions - then restart the shell.

If you can reproduce the issue then it is an upstream Gnome issue.

Then enable extensions one-by-one - testing in-between - until you locate the extension responsible - then report it to the extension maintainer and/or developer.

I can reproduce when all extensions are disabled. Also, the case I described with FreeFileSync magically disappeared but the case with the Gnome archive tool persists. Xarchiver does not work either (crashes with “invalid pointer”). I’ll report to Gnome.

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After figuring out how the zip tool is called I immediately found that this bug is already known and seems to be related to Wayland. file-roller can't drag'n'drop unzip into Nautilus folder in GNOME3 Wayland session (#4) · Issues · GNOME / File Roller · GitLab

Thanks for pointing me to Gnome though.

Ahh - yes - Wayland and X applications do not play well together.

This is due to the endless debate on how how Xorg is run and the accompanying security issues - which is the reason Wayland was born.

Your comment on Wayland - if you change gnome to use Xorg instead of Wayland some of the issues if not all will dissappear - but - a big but - it may create other issues I am not aware of.

Thank you for your comment (and sorry for the late reply). As stated in the original post, I recently re-installed Manjaro - I used Xorg before and did not have the problem described here but several others instead. The current Manjaro installer decided to use Wayland this time and I am happy my previous issues are gone now as they were way more complex and way more annoying. :slight_smile: So, I’ll live with the system as it is now. At least for now.

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