Drag and drop from Nautilus to Chrome doesn't work (while it works to Firefox)

As the title says. I’m using Manjaro Gnome on Wayland. Dragging and dropping from Nautilus to Chrome doesn’t work. Dragging and dropping from Nautilus to Firefox works. Does anybody have an idea on how to troubleshoot this?

Does chrome utilize in wayland or xwayland (x11) mode? That could be the difference.


How do I find out?

about:support → Window-Protocol
chrome://gpu → Ozone Platform

Ozone Platform says “x11”, so it uses XWayland.

The problem is that if I launch it with the option --ozone-platform-hint=auto the rendering is all blurred and frankly unusable (see pictures for a comparison):

And anyway… even using Wayland, drag and drop doesn’t work, so it’s not because of that.

I can see no difference when using chromium and switching between them.

However… drag and drop works fine for me on sway with pcmanfm and chromium or firefox.

Used parameters/flags:

chromium --ozone-platform-hint=wayland --enable-features=WaylandWindowDecorations --enable-features=WebRTCPipeWireCapturer --force-dark-mode

I’ll try using your flags and let you know, thanks.

I still have blurred output, god knows why.

EDIT: probably this is the culprit: 1443144 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail

Ah well, you use upscaling. That explains it. I have a normal 1920x1200 display and don’t upscale it,

Yes, I have a Dell XPS 15 with a 3840x2160 pixels screen. If I don’t scale I can’t see anything :sweat_smile: