Downloading (?)/Uploading fine

Firefox, downloads fail/uploads fine
Steam downloads fine.
Add/remove software Syncing to package database for awhile

So firewall isn’t pm. this is recent, any ideas?

Sort your mirrors.
Then refresh databases.
(and update)

I dont use pamac or GUI for package management … so heres how I would do it:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu

(pamac uses pacman’s logs,cache,etc so this would actually have effect on pamac as well)

Hmmm, wonder whats up with firefox. Cuase if it was a issue with lan port nothing could download??

Maybe DNS?
I dont know if you have configured that for your system or what … but FF forces its own by default.‘Trusted_Recursive_Resolver’

Of course you could also check with a new profile and/or safe mode:

firefox --safe-mode

I did nothing & now it is fine. Lets hope it stays. computers are a mystery sometimes.