Download manager that supports resuming downloads

is there any download manager that can be used in manjaro that have the ability to refresh the links and resume the download ehen downloading a non resumable link?
i tried several ones but no ones works for me:

  • Kget: it doesnt have the option to edit the link. and it is buggy. almost times it does not open when i click on it.
  • Free download manager: i tried many times with different websites nd it does not resume the download.
  • jdownloader2: i tried many times to edit the link and resume the download but it does not resume it.
  • xtreme download manager: it is very buggy and often does not open.

so is there any other solution?
in windows i was using: interner download manager. which resume the links well.

That is pretty standard and all your programs should support it. Even the Download-Manager in Firefox supports it.

For example:

   ~  curl -I              ✔ 
HTTP/2 200 
date: Wed, 14 Feb 2024 13:38:59 GMT
content-type: application/octet-stream
content-length: 4139102208
last-modified: Sat, 13 Jan 2024 03:21:17 GMT
x-rgw-object-type: Normal
etag: "ee5e45ff1868f64a8592282de0ce9893-264"
x-amz-meta-s3cmd-attrs: atime:1705115523/ctime:1705115687/gid:127/gname:docker/md5:ee1cafbdaddce448d89f82b29e54367e/mode:33188/mtime:1705115516/uid:1001/uname:runner
x-amz-request-id: tx000004c56675547dbb277-0065a2411e-2730a77-prg
x-77-nzt: A5ySIYg3Nzf/ItoKACUTwi43Nzf/BvgDAG09Wg3MOoAA
x-77-nzt-ray: f6587a1d0ad29c7b73c2cc65706f6d18
x-accel-expires: @1708242994
x-accel-date: 1707206737
x-77-cache: HIT
x-77-age: 971304
server: CDN77-Turbo
x-cache: HIT
x-age: 711202
x-77-pop: frankfurtDE
accept-ranges: bytes

accept-ranges: bytes” means it is resumable. More here: HTTP range requests - HTTP | MDN

It is not mainly a client feature, but moreover a server feature.

Then probably the server doesn’t reveal that it supports http range requests. IDM seems to try it anyway? :man_shrugging: No idea what hack they use there.


Flareget (AUR) can resume unfinished downloads even on power failures or system crash. It also automatically retries when a segment or download fails. Currently there is no resume support for FTP downloads

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You can also use wget -c <the download link>.

idman has the ability to continue unfinished downloads even if the server doesn’t support to resume the download
it refresh the new download link and continue downloading the file and not redownloading it from the beginning
I’m trying to download a file with more than 4 gb but every times it interrupts and all the download managers i have tried ask me to re download it from the beginning like Firefox download manager.

i will try it

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Not an actual download manager but typically for large files, I’ll use aria2:

aria2c --continue --follow-metalink=mem --auto-file-renaming=false --check-integrity=true --conditional-get=true --file-allocation=none --max-concurrent-downloads 32 --split 16 --max-connection-per-server 16 --min-split-size 2M -Z

And then the link(s) at the end.

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