Download Manager Recommendations


I would like to know about your thoughts on a good Cross.Platform Open Source free DL Managers.

Here’s is what I’m looking for:

  • Free Open Source Safe
  • Cross Platform (Linux/Win 10/Android)
  • Browser extensions (Firefox, Chrome)
  • Must be able to dl video/audio from Youtube (I’d rather extract audio mp3 from video and dl this mp3 only)

I have tried FDM (Free Download Manager (on Win10) does not do what I want.
Also tried uGet does not do what I want and looks awful on Win10.

I have not tried XDM (Xtreme Dl Manager).



I doubt very much there is a program that does all of this, works on all platforms and downloads from YouTube. I think you should separate your goals and use different tools. And to be honest, you do not really need a download manager anymore (there are some very specific edge cases maybe, which are not entirely legal). For normal files, it is years since all major browsers support downloads in multiple threads.

Just use a torrent client, your browser and yt-dlp frontend specific for the platform, like all other people.


I would add Media-Downloader cause there are YouTube videos that can’t be grabbed with yt-dlp. As for a general download manager yes this day and age just use your browser’s builtin one. One additional note if you want to transfer files between devices I’d suggest Nitroshare, fast, easy to use, and works on Linux, Android, and Windows.

jDownloader can do all of this. (Not on Android)

Wasn’t that program that had adware built in?

No idea what you’re talking about. I’ve been using JDownloader for many years, there is no adware. It’s the best download manager ever created, nothing comes close.

I like jDownloader, but the best ever simply NO it is not.

I will give Jdownloader a try then.

Is this the correct extension for Firefox?

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Looks to be.

So I installed JDowloader2 from AUR.

So far it does what I want on Youtube (download audio only), but get this ads:

And this ugly try icon:


Anyone knows if the flatpak version is the same?

Those only show up occasionally. The next time you restart the program it will be gone.

The tray icon is completely broken, just disable it in the settings.

Probably. Try it and find out? :wink:

If Youtube is all you’re concerned about, you might try this browser extension Easy Youtube Video Downloader which will allow you to download either the video (mp4@720p) or audio (mp3@256k) content.

The extension is available for Firefox, Opera and Chromium-based browsers. Once you install it, try it with an old favourite of mine Bohemian Gravity / A’Cappella Science.

I hope this helps. Cheers.

You would probably want youtube-dl, or rather as that is defunct, yt-dlp.

If you just want to use a browser … sure, theres hundreds of extensions or standalone sites that will do the processing for you. I would beware of the vast majority of them though.
(not to mention any oversized impact on browser weight if using the extension, et al)

yt-dlp as a replacement for youtube-dl is a valid suggestion. As is the browser extension I suggested, which incidently, I have used extensively without any any significant overhead.

JDownloader2, while I’m on the topic of overhead, despite being a reasonable downloader, does rely on Java being installed. Some might argue that would be a reason to avoid it (but not me; as I have additional reasons for having Java).

Having someone strike out a suggestion or comment of yours (albeit not highlighted for extreme visibility) is still quite rude, isn’t it?

I mean its a ‘recommendations’ thread … the point is opinions.
(and people not being able to share them without being offensive or offended are also why these kinds of threads are generally discouraged)

In the case of ‘downloading from youtube’ … theres a bit of a standard, and I might even wager the scope of the query is specific to standalone utilities (at first being a download manager in general … a concept I’ve largely left back with Y2K preparations… and now becoming one specific to youtube).

The point was not to be rude … but to quickly point to what I might consider ‘better’.
As per the purpose of this thread… which leads us back to… see the opening of this comment.

Heh, it seems my quoted text didn’t initially transfer with my post, which made it somewhat less effective.

However, my point was to highlight how easily your approach could be misinterpreted, especially given the number of snowflakes (colloquialism: snowflake (slang)) typically found in online discussion forums.

I dunno, I dont mind one iota that you took the time to use <strike> or <del> instead of writing out “I disagree with this, instead I think the following”…
Though I dont know why you disagree with the portion you struck, and you didnt seem to offer any explanation.
I believe there are hundreds of online resources that purport to provide a ‘youtube download’ service, while also believing at the same time that most of those should be avoided for one reason or another. Disagree if you wish. :person_shrugging:

In case you missed it:

However, my initial point was clearly defined. Cheers.