Downgrading Github-desktop

Hey guys github-desktop refuses to connect, the issue is when trying to authenticate the browser opens up and redirect back to the app but then the indicator keeps spinning and refuses to connect.
i have looked into their github issues and many fedora, manjaro and arch users are reporting the issue, people using debian based distros don’t have such issues because they are using version 2.9.6 which is working fine. i installed the app through flatpak and AUR using paru and none seems to work i tried to downgrade using the downgrade package but no package was found any idea how i can use the 2.9.6 version on manjaro? i need it very badly and i don’t wanna switch to win cuz it sucks

AUR Github Desktop version 2.9.6aur-26250b3bd04fce8c0b8e30bb928b5266b762f181.tar.gz

#Download and extract the .tar.gz file
cd ~/Downloads/aur-26250b3bd04fce8c0b8e30bb928b5266b762f181
makepkg -si

You can do the same for the bin version → github-desktop-bin version 2.9.6

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u are life saver THANK YOU VERY MUCH even though building the package almost drove my weak cpu crazy 100%

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