Downgrade Nvidia Drivers

I wanted to play Far Cry: New Dawn and as ProtonDB tells it works relatively well. And it does except for the fact that the ground is missing. But somebody wrote on ProtonDB that downgrading the Nvidia driver fixed his problem with missing textures but I don’t know how to do that and I also read that it might break a lot of things.
So my questions are:
Can I downgrade the Drivers without breaking something?
How can I do it? (I already read a lot how to install them but don’t know if downgrading is just installing an older one and in the Manjaro Settings I can’t choose versions.

you can’t just drop to the previous version, but in theory you could switch to an older branch. manjaro provides the 390 branch for older cards.

that won’t help YOU though, if you have a 1660 super as your profile says (i do too), because the earliest driver that supports that card is 440, so the current branch is your only choice.

theoretically, you could compile your own.

As the guy on ProtonDB says it would be enough to go down to 455.45.
And is a branch the “number” like 460, 455, 450 etc.? I’m not that familiar with all that yet.

That somebody said:

If your textures are missing, i fixed this by downgrading my NVIDIA driver from 460 to 455.45. Get it from NVIDIA’s website.

That was 5 months ago and he was using Proton 5.13-5. Have you tried 6.3 or Experimental? Do not use the installer from NVIDIA’s website, it’s neither designed for Arch / Manjaro nor supported.

Yes, I tried it with Experimental.
I will try it once more with Proton 6.3 and if that won’t work I’ll just boot into Windows (after nearly six month) and play it this way.
But thanks anyways for all your help.