Downgrade Manjaro

Is there any app to save the os in a previous state of update? Like if I demage the config of my OS or apply some bad update and I wanna go back. Which app can do this? Timeshift? Anyone more?

Most backup programs do this. Timeshift, back in time,deja dup, borg and probably more

In addition to timeshift and friends, you can also install the system using a combination of timeshift and the btrfs filesystem, along with the btrfs-enabled port of the grub boot loader. That way, if anything goes wrong after an update, you can boot straight into a previous snapshot of the installation.

Mind you, this is no substitute for making backups, because btrfs snapshots are (and have to be) saved on the same physical filesystem as what they are a snapshot of. But it provides for an easy system rollback mechanism.

Of course, the above also requires that you install the system that way. You cannot do this on a system that wasn’t installed on btrfs.

There’s also timeshift autosnap in the official repos. It does an automatic timeshift backup before you update

No quite as good as btrfs as I don’t think you can access the backups from grub but still useful

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btrfs works with luks encryption?

Yes it works. Here are my screenshot.