Downgrade Kernel Before Installer Launches!

I am unable to install Manjaro KDE because Live USB Fails to display Manjaro Installer
If I could downgrade kernel to 5.10 or 4.19
I might be able to install it

I have multi-boot system (Ubuntu, Manjaro XFCE (works well only on above mentioned kernel versions)) both working
I want to install KDE on new partition
from live USB when KDE installer starts simple desktop manager or something UI freezes
Unable to do or see anything further
I still can somehow access TTY2 by pressing required key combo

even If I could downgrade kernel from there on next restart that doesn’t persist

So how could I downgrade kernel in live USB so that my KDE installer doesn’t freeze?

You can’t. As you say, you’d need to reboot to switch the kernel, but since the Live ISO is not persistent…

What you can try is the minimal ISO with 5.4 LTS kernel or the very lastest one with 5.10:

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Ooof! there goes my 2GB wasted!
Could there be some way to make it persistent?
Can I somehow install KDE Installer ISO on HDD partition? and then update kernel there?
I actually am trying this right now

You can also try installing via Manjaro Architect. Should be on the desktop on the live ISO.
(or run from TTY: CTRL + ALT + F2, login and run sudo setup)

Otherwise this might help: