Downgrade Google Chrome?

The last update Is pretty wonky for me. How does one downgrade an AUR package?

You can’t. Your only option is to uninstall it.

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If you build it from source - it usually possible to checkout a previous release/tag and build from that.

I initially understood it as Chromium - so my suggestion possibly don’t work as Google Chrome probably is repacked from deb package - or something …

I had a feeling it couldn’t be downgraded :frowning: I guess it’s time to install Chromium and get it set up while I wait to see if the next Google update fixes anything. It’s still usable, but it’s pretty annoying in its current state.

An alternative where a downgrade is possible is to install it via an added repository, most preferably from an Arch Trusted User (TU), just fyi.


You can review some versions available at Warning! they are third party repositories

Well, I turned off hardware acceleration, and that’s fixed the symptoms for now. Other applications that rely on the graphics card (like Stellarium) seem to run just fine.