Dowloaded game won't start

I recently downloaded a small game that was meant for linux. It came with the executable “Game” (without a file extension), but when I try to run it, it just says “Unknown file format”, and I can’t run it. Any help with that? (I’m still kinda new to linux, only using it for about a month).

On XFCE with thunar there is prevention of executing binary files (or any excutable files) from the gui. Could be the same on cinnamon. I would rather suggest to run the game with


in a terminal.

or better create desktop file.

Create a file and name it something like game.desktop and put this into it:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Name of Game

exec= and icon= have to be replaced with the correct path. Make it executable in the file manager or:

chmod +x /path/to/game.desktop
chmod +x /path/to/game

This file can be executed from the file manager.

move game.desktop to ~/.local/share/applications/ and it will available in the start menu.

In addition to what megavolt suggested, I think in Cinnamon it should in principle suffice to make the file executable in the file manager (right click on the icon, and find the right tab).
Then it should be possible to start it via double-click. Of course that’s not as elegant.