Double tap wake up function

So I need to disable double tap feature for wake up in pinephone and I dont know how to do it. Im lost in settings nothing, I think its in .config but I dont even know what shoud I seek there.

I don’t think there is an option to disable it. It is likely hardcoded into the UI/power management of Plasma Mobile.

There was a discussion about this topic some time ago. At that time, however, it was decided to keep the double tap to wake function.

To avoid accidentally waking up in my pocket, I bought this booklet:

ok thanks

So that is why my PinePhone sometimes magically wakes up due to being touched, but never when I tapped on it deliberately. (Though, even now that I know the secret, the double tap does not seem to work 100% of the time either though.)

I wonder where that strange, non-discoverable, and IMHO annoying “feature” is implemented. I have been browsing through the source code of Plasma Mobile (i.e., the mobile Plasma shell), PowerDevil, KScreenLocker, and even UPower without finding anything.

I don’t think the double-tap works when the phone is in deep-sleep. But should if it’s just locked and screen turned off.

yes on my pinephone it wakes up when i double tap the screen and is locked and black/backlight off but not if it is sleep mode

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