Double Commander taskbar icons issue & stuck focus

something is wrong with the .desktop file mapping for doublecmd, which displays a generic wayland icon instead of the application icon and it doesn’t get linked to the pinned icon. the issue only appears in wayland sessions (running plasma):

the x11 session looks as usual:

nicolas fella writes in their blog about this issue and how to fix it, but i don’t think i am able to do that. do you have an idea?

btw, when creating these screenshots i also noticed something else odd in the wayland session: the mouse focus is stuck inside the window as you can see with the refresh button here – it’s the last position of the mouse cursor in the window

that’s quite annoying because tooltips are popping up (not shown here) all the time when i move the cursor out of the window.

The simple reason is just that doublecmd is not converted to wayland and it runs with Xwayland instead.

See: FIX: Qt5 version - execute under wayland session · doublecmd/doublecmd@0a756bb · GitHub

i was thinking the qt5 version had native wayland support because alexx2000 mentioned that on github (Wayland / Gtk3 support? #1097):

Use Double Commander Qt5 version if you need native Wayland support.

btw, i had forgotten that doublecmd isn’t in the manjaro repo for aarch64 (it’s in x86_64 only) so i’m using their latest version doublecmd-1.0.11.qt.aarch64.tar.xz downloaded on september 6th 2023 from sourceforge

nicolas fella wrote in their blog article Fixing Wayland taskbar icons how to correct the .desktop association but these instructions are aimed at developers i think.

consequently i just opened a thread on the double commander forum titled Wayland taskbar icons issue & stuck focus

taskbar & window icon is working now. you can start with this .desktop file as template if someone needs this, because it’s missing in the non-package-manager tar version from the website:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment[de_AT]=Double Commander is a cross platform open source file manager with two panels side by side.
Comment=Double Commander is a cross platform open source file manager with two panels side by side.
Comment[ru]=Double Commander — это кроссплатформенный двухпанельный файловый менеджер с открытым кодом.
Exec=/home/username/.local/doublecmd/ %F
GenericName[de_AT]=File Manager
GenericName=File Manager
Name[de_AT]=Double Commander
Name=Double Commander

i think it works now because i opened the kde menu editor after installing the file and saving the entry again, basically unmodified. might have caused some cache to be reloaded.

i’m still investigating the mouse focus being stuck, causing tooltip bubbles to appear