Double Click Not Working On Desktop + Dolphin services Install error

Not sure if these two have any relation, but I have been experiences issues with double-clicking files on the desktop and Dolphin service failing install attempts; this is on a re-installation of KDE Manjaro after some peristent issues with black screens.

The service issue was somewhat remedied by doing a manual install of the service; the “Root Actions” service is what I was trying to enable. As for the second, it works when I double-click in Dolphin but not when on the actual desktop screen; single click is functional.

I do not believe it’s a hardware issue with the mouse as it works no problem in my Windows dual boot (separate HDD).

Again, not sure if this is related, there’s been a problem where custom user icons won’t submit or give an option to crop. It’s not a major issue currently but thought to share it here just in case if it’s a sign my installation may have some issues in configurations or whatever.

Well then… it started working again, but I’m not confident it’s actually fixed or that the issue wont persist.

When it happens again:


Well its checked every single time I look but now it’s acting up again.

Literally worked one second and then stopped the next.

Does this also happen when you create a new user and log in there?


Not sure. I can try it out, though

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I having the same double click issue. Basically it works randomly, mostly after reboot.
Got flew shorcuts on desktop to Home, flew disks mounted on /mnt/Folder* , folders within the mounted /mnt disks and documents. Non of them open by double click but selecting any and pressing enter opens them fine. Any ideas? Fresh install done no more than 2 weeks ago.
Old install had the same issue however I’m not sure what was KDE version when that started.


Tested using a new user account and double click works.

I may have an idea, though. I sometimes turn on my drawing tablet and noticed double-clicking wasn’t working when it was before then. Maybe that play a role into this, or there’s an issue with my install?

Okay, yeah. after restarting my pc and testing it, the double-click does start acting up after I enable my drawing display tablet, though disabling it doesn’t fix the issue.

I know nothing about tablets, so I would create a new topic about this as you now know the root cause of the mouse error.


hopefully that’s the case. I think even when its enabled on startup it does this, so it may be the problem.

I’ll make a new topic to see if there’s a fix or workaround.

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