Dota 2 doesn't work

Installed Dota 2 via Steam. I log in without using Proton and so on. (rendered the shaders) it works, but after a couple of minutes everything just freezes along with the system.

intel core i7-11th
nvidia RTX 3060 Mobile
16 RAM

Manjaro KDE plasma

Have you checked the issue list:

Steam for Linux requires the following:

  • 1 GHz Pentium 4 or AMD Opteron with:
    • x86-64 (AMD64) instruction set
    • CMPXCHG16B instruction support (cx16 in /proc/cpuinfo flags)
    • SSE3 instruction support (pni in /proc/cpuinfo flags)
  • 512 megabytes of RAM and 5 gigabytes of hard drive space, or better
  • Internet connection (Cable/DSL speeds recommended)
  • Latest Manjaro, fully updated
  • 64-bit (x86-64, AMD64) Linux kernel
  • 64-bit (x86-64, AMD64) and 32-bit (i386, IA32) graphics drivers and glibc
  • Latest graphics driver
  • NVidia driver support - For recent cards (e.g. series 8), you will need to install 310.x. For older cards, driver 304.x supports the NVidia 6 and 7 GPU series. To access these drivers, first update your cache and then install the specific driver you need from the list in Additional Drivers.
  • AMD and Intel driver support - you will need to use the latest Mesa drivers, Mesa 9 or later. These should be preinstalled

yes, i checked it

Maybe there is a still unresolved issue:

but is there any way to solve this problem? maybe switching to a Wayland session?