Don't know how to remove a bundle installed vmware player

Hello everyone! I’m a newbie to Manjaro and so far I am lovin’ it… but I don’t know how to remove a bundle installed vmware player. I installed it through a webpage tutorial, and I tried to follow the remove tutorial, terminal tells me there’s no vmware installed. When I edit my menu’s applications it tells me that there’s parsing error of the desktop file with the same name. (There is no desktop file of that name and when i search it up in the menu, the program does not even have an icon, but it is ‘‘run vmplayer’’. I don’t know what to do and I want to remove that program because I don’t need it anymore!

Hello! :wave:

If you installed it without the package manager, then you will need to update the database after removing. It normally runs in pacman in a posthook.

sudo update-desktop-database --verbose


When you install from the bundle - you must uninstall using the bundle’s scripts.

You can find the various scripts by entering vmware in a terminal and the presss tab to see the propable completions

You can run the installer script with the -h flag to see how you list installed products and how to remove them.

Usually - using your favorite search engine - you can find the solution e.g.

My favorite place to get info on Linux related stuff

To explicitly uninstall the player component

sudo vmware-installer --uninstall-product vmware-player

It does not allow me to remove it!

Already have tried that. It tells me this -
vmware-player is not an installed product.
Available products are: (it shows nothing here)

Sorry, it was a bit late for me and i misread it.

Then remove manually? I guess there have to be a list of install paths for the files somewhere.

Search for vmware:

sudo pacman -S mlocate && sudo updatedb && locate vmware

(Never used vmware products, sorry :wink: )

After installing mlocate, run this in your terminal:

sudo updatedb && locate -0 vmware | sudo xargs -0 rm -rf

It will pipe the result of locate command to xargs and remove all of it with root previlage. It works for me.