Dolphin Trash issue

Hello Manjaro community,
I encountered a small problem with Dolphins Trash function. Whenever I delete something it goes into there. Now when I navigate to the trash and try to empty it it just makes the trash empty sound (and probably empties the trash) but all the stuff is still visible in there. In order for it to disappear out of the trash I have to restart Dolphin. I didnt have that issue in the beginning. How can i solve it and why did it start happening in the first place?
What I have tried: Remove Dolphin, reinstalled it and also deleted all the contents in the .cache directory which unfortunately didnt solve the issue. Do you have any ideas?

I recommend to read this

Thank you for your help! I looked at the post you have linked there. The issue was the following: I still had a file in the ~/.local/share/Trash/info directory even tho I have deleted a file with the same name a while ago which was probably on another drive but some remains of it stayed in the info directory and it somehow messed up my Trash.

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