Dolphin "Search for" section in side panel missing

On my freshly set up machine, the “Search for” section in the side panel is missing, the place where you can search for files by filetype, eg Videos, Audio, Documents. On my old machine, it is just below “Recently used”. I checked the “show sidepanel” option, but there is nothing I could add and no sections are hidden. How do I get that section on the side panel? On my old machine it was there right from the start.
Thanks in advance for any hints.

“Search For” is disabled by default, you must have enabled it on your old machine.

  1. Right click on the side panel and check “Show All Entries”.
  2. Right click the “Search For” section and un-check “Hide Section ‘Search For’”
  3. Right click again and un-check “Show All Entries”

Thank you for your answer. When I right click on the (left) side panel, there is no menu entry “Show all Entries”. There are only “Add Entry”, “Symbol size” and “Unlock Panels”.
(I hope I got the right translation, as my system is set to german language).
When I right click on the existing panels, there is one more menu entry to hide the corresponding panel.

You are right about this, in Dolphin from KDE 5.24.7 the search option is there, in KDE 5.27.2 it is not ! Although both versions of Dolphin are the same (22.12.3), and both installations running the same framework (5.103.0), it must be the new LTS version making the difference.

Strange thing is, both machines are running KDE-Plasma-Version 5.26.5, Framework Version 5.103.0, same Kernel 6.1.12-1. Both running on X11.

That is quite interesting. There is a context menu item missing from your interface that I have on mine. I found another location where the setting is: try looking in the hamburger menu > Show Panels > Show Hidden Places

I am running 5.27.2. I think it just got switched to be hidden by defult, but the setting is still there.

It isn’t there either, the menu entry Show Hidden Places is greyed out, as there are no hidden places :-s

That is quite curious. Can you try running balooctl status and put the results?

balooctl status:

kf.i18n: KLocalizedString: Using an empty domain, fix the code. msgid: “Unknown” msgid_plural: “” msgctxt: “”
kf.i18n: KLocalizedString: Using an empty domain, fix the code. msgid: “Idle” msgid_plural: “” msgctxt: “”
Die Baloo-Dateiindizierung läuft
Indizierungsstatus: Idle
Gesamtzahl der indizierten Dateien: 62’431
Dateien, die noch indiziert werden: 0
Dateien, deren Indizierung fehlgeschlagen ist: 0
Der aktuelle Index hat eine Größe von 918.96 MiB

Okay, so Baloo is installed and working. Try opening Dolphin, and in the address bar, replace the directory path with baloosearch: and hit enter. It should open up the search window you normally use.

It does. I’m not sure if I get what you meant to say with that, is this meant to be used as a workaround for the missing panel section?

This was actually troubleshooting. We have confirmed that the search functionality is still present and completely working, it is just not shown in the sidebar for some reason. You should be able to make your own entries by right clicking the sidebar, clicking “Add Entry”, and then adding entries. The ones you are used to having use the following paths (with no / prefix):


Thank you very much for your help, that was the way to go, the “Search For” section is now back where it belongs to on the side panel :smiley:

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