Dolphin: "Root actions" missing since last update


Since recently, at least since now with the last big update round I miss the option to perform Root actions (the contect menu optoin when rightclicking in Dolphin).
Seems to have something to do with KDE Plasma 6.

Has the Manjaro team changed ideas about this functionality? I read some things on internet that this functionality is/was an add-on for Dolphin, but as usual understandable for linux specialists which I am not.

I started with a Manjaro “KDE Edition” ISO in 2018 and never messed around with add-ons to get “Root actions” in Dolphin, it was always there.
Is there a way to get root actions back, and what do I have to do?
Loggin in as root in Manjaro just to delete some files or modify one config file seems odd.

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KDE Plasma Version: 6.0.5
KDE Frameworks Version: 6.2.o
Qt Version: 6.7.1
Kernel Version: 6.1-92-1 -MANJARO (64-bit)
Graphics Platform: X11

Plasma provides dolphin as part of the desktop - if something has changed - it is quite possibly upstream.

I don’t use any gui applications to modify my systems important files - so I don’t know - just a thought.

Have you checked if you have the package dolphin-plugins synced?

There is also a heap of conext actions in the configuration to choose from - even an ability to get new services - even root actions - though those should be chosen with care - they are third party, not verified and should only be trusted after careful examination.

Pamac and Octopi tell me that this is installed:
dolphin-plugins 24.05.0-1
Extra Dolphin plugins
Official Repositories (extra)

Install kio-admin and open as administrator will return in context menu when adequate – usually on files which you don’t own.


Started my backup Manjaro VM from before updating.
Found the same dolphin-plugins, but that is not the one in question.
Searched in Octopi for 'root", found “kde-servicemenus-rootactions”.
That is the pachage giving the Root actions menu in Dolphin.

Searching for that there seem to be issues with Plasma 6 or so.
So wait till the Manjaro team approves update?

That’s AUR package, Manjaro team has nothing to do with it, don’t wait for update or adding to repos. You can try it for your responsibility if you want - that’s AUR, you can use it if you know what you do :wink:

Thanks, will try that (that was for your first post :-))

For second reply:
I saw that it was AUR. I am not familiar with most of the linux ins and outs, but know that AUR is “the evil outside world”. It’s just that the functionality was part of an official Manjaro distro back in 2018, I never added it. Will look into kio-admin.

in AUR is kf6-servicemenus-rootactions

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For anyone being a typical linux user without specific skills, coming across this topic, here is what I did.

I respect the advise to use what I would call the trusted repositories in a Manjaro environment and not use AUR packages. Those that are present in my environment must have been distributed as I downloaded the KDE ISO from Manjaro in 2018, I never installed them myself.
I also came across kf6-servicemenus-rootactions, but luckily I found out what kio-admin realy does in Dolphin.

I uninstalled kde-servicemenus-rootactions.
Then I installed kio-admin as per advise.

Then I noticed in Dolphin that an “Open as Administrator” contect menu option was added when right-clicking in the files pane. At first I thought that that wasn’t all I wanted, I would like to delete files or add a file as well, not just open a file as admin.
It took a while before I clicked on the menu option and found that this Open as option actually opens a new instance of Dolphin after entering the root password.
That’s it :slight_smile:

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Yes, this is what it does and i my opinion, it’s kind of dangerous because you do not know, there is no warning or a red headband (like when you do so in Thunar/XFCE) reminded you Dolphin is opened as root.

I personally use Open Dolphin as root [KDE5/KDE6] - KDE Store, you can download and inspect the code from there it’s very short, or via Dolphin → Configure Dolphin → Context Menu → Download New Services → Open Dolphin as Root (by LOU).

It adds a context menu item and when you open Dolphin as root, it does not use the usual theme to remind you to be careful.

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