Dolphin:Raw image thumbnail problem

For some reason Dolphin is displaying RAW thumbnails in a random manner.
I use two different Camera systems, Olympus and Sony. Both generate RAW files, .ORF and .ARW respectively. For someone odd reason these do not always generate a thumbnail view in Dolphin.
Settings are more than adequate at 36mb max. before displaying… Despite images being larger,smaller or same size as those that do show a thumbnail, many just show a placeholder and no image.Just random,isolated files are displayed.
I have deleted the home/.cache/thumbnail files to force a re-read to no avail.

Do you really mean $HOME/.cache/thumbnails ?

Are these files on a network share or external drive, by any chance?

Yes, apologies for the typo. No, they are on my main drive, but the same thing happens on other drives attached. Non RAW thumbnail files are all working as they should.

There are 2 recent bugs at KDE about that: 454208 and 453480
For external drives you need to adjust ‘Skip previews for remote files above’ in Dolphin previews settings.

This happens on my main and remote drives. The problem is identical on both.

That sounds about the same as reported upstream. Check the updated links above to KDE bug system.

Thank-you raguse, must have overlooked that in my searching. At least now I know something is amiss generally. Although I see no mention of the fact it is happening apparently at random, about 1 in 10 files showing a thumbnail image, the rest are just placeholders.

453480 has some screenshots attached where actually a few preview images are generated, the majority is not generated.
If you have an account at KDE you can join the bug report.

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Ok looks like a recent update/change has thrown a spanner in the works. I will see what transpires over time.
I,ll close this as a solution although it persists as a problem.

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Follow on to erratic raw thumbnail generation with Dolphin.
Just discovered that by opening Gwenview and viewing folders with Raw images, the Gwenview thumbnails are produced instantly. They are then available directly in Dolphin.
This suggests to me that the problem is with Dolphin and not the thumbnail mechanism, since both would appear to use the same routine.

As discussed in the upstream bug report 453480 one workaround which helps until it is fixed is to deactivate the preview for ‘Images (GIF, PNG, BMP, …)’ in Dolphin.
Please try that.

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Well i’ll be! Never spotted that. And sure, it seems to work. What the heck is going on?

So simple, yet so elusive a solution. It works, my raw (PEF) thumbs were back instantly. THANK YOU!

“It’s just KDE being KDE, meh. Think of it as a fun game of mystery and discovery. More to come with the next Plasma version!”

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Version Fixed In: 5.95

It’s going to be officially fixed with Frameworks version 5.95.
The workaround mentioned above can then be reverted ;).

Software is always incomplete and with bugs. Change is inevitable.