Dolphin missing notification during file copy/transfer on fresh installation of latest manjaro plasma kde

Hi everyone. I installed two weeks ago the latest image Of Manjaro Plasma and I have the following issue with Dolphin. I do not get the progress bar on the notification tray and I cannot monitor the progress when I am copying/transferring files, the worst part is that I cannot cancel copy/transfer operations because of this.

P.S: The only “weird” thing I have done is to set the kernel parameter ibt=off to be able to install the nvidia driver for deep learning (an issue with latest kernel + new intel cpus + nvidia drivers)

I have checked some solutions given to older posts but nothing works.

Thank you in advance.

The solution that worked for me is in the second url.

Hi and welcome to the Forum :+1:

Did you check these, which i found using a search engine:

Thank you very much. I am using latte dock maybe this is the issue I will check out tomorrow the respective answer that you sent and will let you know <3

Good morning my friend! Indeed I followed what the guy at the second URL did and it worked. Thank you very much again. Btw what kind of search did you do? Because I did not find this posts, I was just taking the same and same posts googling :stuck_out_tongue:

See the last link :wink:

Well maybe I should start using Duck Duck go

google :bubbles: you

I have setup my own instance of searxng

Thank you very much for the suggestion. I will have a look.

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