Dolphin: Missing copy informations (transfer rate) from copy and paste

when im using dolphin to copy some files, there is only a animation from the Taskbar that went full… but it would be nice to see some details. Like how many MByte/s the files going to be transfered actually and which file is actually going to copy right now.

Is there a way to activate copy/transfer window?

Thanks in advance

Expand the transfer notification in tray area, to see the details click the arrow it will show more details:

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On a side note, when you transfer to USB disk, it usually finishes in the graphical interface way before it physically finishes the write, because of some caching I don’t remember the details, but to make sure the files are all copied to USB, use the button (in Dolphin right click the USB disk, or in the tray icon Disk and Peripherals widget click the button) to unmount properly before unplugging the USB disk, or else you’ll have missing files and/or corrupted data/hardware. If it takes long time to unmount let it do its things, it surely is finishing the real file copy during that time.
It can be confusing but just letting you know just in case.

Thanks, im aware about that, but i can’t unmount with dolphin, because my drives will be using veracrypt to unmount but they won’t power off after that. Is there a terminal command or something other, to power off my unmounted USB HDD’s?

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