Dolphin. Home folders shows up on desktop

Hi guys,
My first post. Be kind to an old man :slight_smile:

Dolphin. For some reason all folders that should be i Home-folder by defalt; Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music etc. are in Home folder but they also shows up on the desktop.

I’ve checked location in properties for each folder on the desktop and they point at /(desktop). And I’ve checked location for those folders in Dolphin, left pane, and they point correct to /home/username/Foldername

In ~/.local/share/user-places.xbel everything looks fine. No duplicates or anything. Each Bookmark-tag points to file:///home/username/[Documents][Downloads][Music] etc.
If I remove folders on my desktop to Trash they’ll also disappear in Dolphin Home folder.

However. If I open a terminal and run ls ~/. Looks fine. And when I run ls ~/Desktop. Empty.

In CLI it looks fine, in GUI it’s not.

Hi @Irminsul, and welcome!

You desktop contents is in ~/Desktop, not your home directory. By default anyway. You can customize the location by right clicking on the desktop and going to Configure Desktop and Wallpaper. In the window that appears, select Location on the right-hand side and customize everything there:


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