Dolphin file manager: The trash has reached its maximum size!

After i trashed some data, the Dolphin 20.08.3 file manager shown:

The trash has reached its maximum size!

Cleanup the trash manually.

but this is strange, because i remember maybe 2 weeks back i was somewhere seeing Trash configuration that given an impression that the oldest trashed files are automatically removed. So i am not sure why it bother me with this message?


In Dolphin configuration is a Trash tab where is:

is it wrong to expect that it will keep the trash to 5% of the drive size and remove excessive, oldest data when this utilization is reached and new data are inserted? It is confusing.

Update: i have to likely switch from “Show warning” option to delete oldest or biggest. That should be by default i think.

You have simply limited the amount of things you can put in the trash (5.48 GiB).
If you want it auto-deleted there is the cleanup option at the top.

Your wrong and you are right.

Yes there is such a setting, but you need to activate it.
At this point you have set it to show a warning, but you can also set it to delete oldest or biggest files in the trash. This can be combined with the cleanup but is not necessary