Dolphin file manager in recent Manjaro KDE [Stable release] updates doesn't refresh the content in folders

since recent Manjaro KDE updates Dolphin file manager seems to not updating folders content e.g. copying new file, generating another file from source file in source folder set as destination folder, etc…operations on files needs closing and reloading Dolphin file manager to show content properly

is this individual issue or some more common as broken updates done?

This might be specific to your installation. I’ve just tried it on my own system, and it does update the view here.

Try creating a test account and see if the problem also exists there.

Actually it’s. not uncommon for Dolphin not to auto refresh. This has been a on again off again issue. I work around it by adding refresh to the toolbar. There is a way to change the refresh rate for Dolphin, but I don’t remember which forum it was posted on.