Dolphin failed to mount ISO file


When I try to mount ISO file with Dolphin (right click on the iso file -> Mount ISO) nothing has happened and the following error message has appeared in the system log:

dolphin[162911]: ark.kerfuffle: Could not detect mimetype from content. Using extension-based mimetype: "application/x-cd-image"
dolphin[162911]: Cannot initialize model with data QJsonObject() . missing: QJsonValue(string, "urls")
dolphin[162911]: Error mounting  "/home/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx.iso" : "org.freedesktop.UDisks2.Error.Failed" "Error waiting for loop object after creating '/dev/loop3': Timed out waiting for object"

Could you help solve the problem?


Do you have fuseiso and open-fuse-iso installed?

I’ve just installed fuseiso but pacman can not find open-fuse-iso.

open-fuse-iso is in AUR, so you might need to use yaourt or activate it in your graphical package manager.

I’ve changed kernel version from 58(59) to 54 and now I can mount iso-files with Dolphin.

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Sorry for the delay. I’m glad you solved your problem.

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