Dolphin doesn't like "noauto"

Hi, i have set up a NTFS drive in the fstab file and used the noauto option. However when trying to open that drive by clicking on it in Dolphin i’ll get an Error saying “Error mounting system-managed device /dev/sdb2: Unknown error when mounting home/maracuja/stuff”

mounting the drive via sudo mount /dev/sbd2 works. I figure dolphin isn’t mounting the drive explicitly and therfore giving me that error. Anything i can do about that? When removing noauto dolphin can mount the drive again.

If it is an internal disk, add user to your mount options.

If it is external - connected using usb - create a set of units as described in [root tip] [How To] Use systemd to mount ANY device

It’s iternal and i already have “user” added as mount option. Maybe i did something else wrong? Here’s my mount options: ntfs-3g noauto,uid=1000,gid=1001,rw,user,exec,umask=000 0 0

I use these settings so i can launch some Steamgames from that drive.

If it is internal - why noauto?

You can simplify mount to rw

Read more on NTFS - ArchWiki

i had set it to noauto because baloo would indexing files and the drive starts spinning and creating noise after each boot. But i guess i’ll just use noauto and wait till baloo is finished.

You can tell baloo not to index the files in the folder where the drive is mounted. :arrow_down:

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Thank you already thought about doing that. I guess that’s the best solution since i also don’t need to mount the drive manually each time.

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