Dolphin doesn't display rating anymore

For about 3 months, Dolphin doesn’t display the rating in the column as shown on the capture attached.

Has somebody experienced the same issue? What should I try to fix it?

Thank you very much.

Have you disabled Baloo? 437152 – Users should be informed about what they'll be losing if they disable Baloo

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Yes I did…
Because baloo was a nightmare on BTRFS.

Thank you @fbt89 !

Should I mark the thread as “Solved” or “Explained”?

“Comments, Ratings, Keywords” not one of them is necessary, Dolphin is part of the desktop environment no a internet browser. No wonder Baloo has issues from time to time with eating all of one’s memory, adding features that are unnecessary instead of working to address the core issue that pops up every once in awhile.

It’s not BTRFS’s fault cause Baloo can be a nightmare on ANY file system. As for marking the thread solved it’s your choice since it’s your thread.

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