Dolphin crashing on start, fresh install KDE Manjaro

Randomly, dolphin will start crashing every time i launch it- the only way to fix this is a restart- and then at some point afterwards, it will randomly crash again. It doesn’t just crash normally- it takes a ‘screeshot’ of the background of the screen and that moves around whenn Imove the window.

The terminal output when typing dolphin in terminal is blank- no output.

Are you up to date?

pamac update

I guess you could also try removing the ~/.config/dolphinrc file in case it is malformed somehow.

Tried both- neither helped

When did this begin?
Did you make any changes?

Without much to go off … you might have to dig deeper to get more information, ex:

I was able to find the issue- I had a NTFS/FUSEBLK external hard drive that, when mounted, caused the crashes. I just backed up my data and reformatted to EXT4 and it worked.

Ah. Bad mounts. I should have thought of that one. :slightly_frowning_face: :upside_down_face: