Dolphin counts home device twice

I recently installed KDE Plasma from scratch on a laptop with dual boot (windows 10, EFI).
Manjaro uses 3 partitions:
/home (encrypted)

I used the same setup in XFCE, there the file explorer shows only one device, but on Plasma Dolphin reports 2 mounts:

/dev/mapper/luks-137-etc (Internal Drive [dm-0])
/dev/mapper/luks-137-etc (Encrypted Drive)

I think this is confusing. Why does it happen and how do I get only 1 mount?

You can right-click → Hide for whatever entry you don’t want to display on your side pane or bookmarks.

Dolphin / KIO has “overlapping” categories, such as “Removable Devices” and “Devices”.

Hot-swappable SATA ports can also contribute to this “redundancy” in the way KDE presents devices.

But regardless of device type or storage technology, just hide whatever entries you want for a cleaner side panel.

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