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In dolphin there’s an option to copy location (full path) for a single file. Is there a way to do this for multiple selected files?


Hi @ForeverNoob,

  • If the files are in the same location, it’s not neccessary, seeing as the location of all files are the same. So you can use any file’s location. So no, you can’t. And yes, you can. :smile:
  • If the files are in different locations, then also no. Because, how would you copy two different things?

Hope this helps!


This is not how it works for me, the copy location returns the file path including the filename.

Including the filename or not, the path is the same. It can’t be multiples. How would you have it done?

They are in the same directory.

So my first point still stands.

If they are in the same directory, the same location, then the location for each is the same. So one file’s location would be thee same as the other file’s location. The file names might be different, but they’re in the same location.

There are probably other ways to get the info. In fact, I’m sure of it. Perhaps if you share what you wish to accomplish it might help.

Yes, except that I need the list of files to include the filename too, as it works for a single file.

Then why don’t you do it with the terminal? It could output it to a file for you?

I don’t want the entire list of files in a directory, just some selected files. It can be done from the terminal, but it requires doing ls separately for each file which is very time consuming. If there’s a copy location in dolphin for multiple files it is much easier.

find will do that for you, in the terminal:

find <search__directory> -iname '.<extension>'


  • <search__directory> is the directory the files are located in;
  • <extension> is the extension of the file(s) you are looking for.

You can modify find's search criteria a lot.


Should you wish to export the results to a plain text file, just append > /path/to/filnanem.txt to the command. For exaple:

find <search__directory> -iname '.<extension>' > /tmp/results.txt

Will export/write the results to a file in ‘/tmp/’ called results.txt

Check Dolphin extensions. There is at least one extension that copies path/location of multiple selected files to Klipper, including filename, as single lines. Maybe there is other extensions which do it in bulk.

Simply select multiple files → Ctrl + C or Copy.
If You paste on kate all url will be :


Works great! thanks.

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