Dolphin Can't Copy and Paste Files?

Shortcut and GUI copy and paste of files appears to be broken somehow.

When I try to copy or move a file in this way, I get a “paste clipboard contents” for some reason instead of the expected behaviour of actally just moving the file (CTRL + v) after a copy. This is also the same (as demonstrated in the video) using purely graphical choices as well.

I made a breif video about it here:

How should I approach this? Reinstall Dolphin?

I can’t reproduce it – it’s probably something with your configuration. I see another weird thing in your video – you have Paste clipboard content, but you should have Paste file. Maybe this is something with your clipboard settings :thinking:

I don’t think I’ve changed clipboard settings from default.

Any way to check?

I had the same problem in the past when i used latte dock.
I used clippboard plasmoid in both, plasma and latte , they conflicted.
If you don’t have installed latte, check in plasmoid configuration if “mimetype acctions” are disabled.

I don’t have a latte dock or any other clipboard manager.

I can check, but I’m not sure how to check mimetype actions though :slight_smile:

Did you try cleaning the cache or any other configuration related troubleshooting method?

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FYI, I had this same problem too. Never found a fix, but did discover the root cause in my case:
It only happened when Parsec was running. Close Parsec and I can copy and paste normally in Dolphin.
Parsec and probably other VM/RDP apps that capture the clipboard to pass to the VM might be the source of the issue for some people.

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