Dolphin cannot mount my 2TB internal hard drive

Hello all, just recently I have encountered an issue when attempting to mount my internal hard drive in Dolphin. I am given the following error:

An error occurred while accessing '1.8 TiB Internal Drive (sda1)', the system responded: The requested operation has failed: Error mounting /dev/sda1 at /run/media/user/CC820FC2820FAFCE: Unknown error when mounting /dev/sda1

The drive uses the ntfs filesystem because it was previously used with windows, but I have already installed the recommended package (ntfs-3g) and the drive was working on my system prior to today. It is also worth noting that the last thing I did with that drive was store a windows 10 Virtual Machine on it. I created the VM yesterday, and upon turning my PC back on today, I can’t mount the drive anymore. Any help is well appreciated!

Can you maybe check your loaded modules:

lsmod | grep ntfs

You can also look at mounts like:


I also wonder if it fails being told explicitly to mount, ex:

sudo mount /dev/sda1

First of all, make sure that Windows Fast Boot — or Hybrid Sleep, or whatever it’s called — is disabled, because it leaves the filesystem in an open state, and this will lead to the filesystem being considered damaged in GNU/Linux.

Secondly, try running CHKDISK.EXE (or whatever it’s called) in Windows to make sure the filesystem isn’t damaged, or to repair it if it is.

Thank you! Popped the hard drive into a windows PC and was able to repair it using chkdsk /f.

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