Does your PS4 controller reconnect by pressing the PS button, next time?

On the same computer, if I boot into Windows, once I paired the controller by pressing Share + PS button, from next time, I can just press the PS button to reconnect the controller. Retroarch also automatically detected that it is a PS4 controller and set up the input. I had not installed any special software for the PS controller on Windows, so it was just out-of-the-box.

However, if I boot into Gnome Manjaro and pair the controller by pressing Share + PS button. Pressing the PS button next time does not reconnect. I can go to the Bluetooth settings and tick the Connect toggle button, but it immediately goes back to disconnected mode. From my testing, it seems that I have to remove the paired one and reconnect from the beginning by Share + PS button. Of course, I did not boot into Windows or pair the controller to any other device between the Manjaro connections. Why is this so? Is it a bug of Linux?

Also, Retroarch on Linux did not detect that it is a PS 4 controller but just show “Wireless controller” and I had to configure all buttons manually.

Not using Gnome now, but my PS4 controller works fine with KDE plasma. After paired, It reconnects by pressing PS button, sometimes maybe need to press more than one time, but it will connect eventually.

If you want to pair works with Windows and Linux same time, you need to set same bluetooth key on both OS. check this guide, it in Chinese, you could translate to you language.

Good luck.

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