Does VAAPI automatically select the AV1 capable gpu?


I have an Intel i5-13500T cpu. It has quicksync that is capable of decoding AV1. And it works. I have no discrete gpu, yet, but I am considering buying a cheap, older amd d-gpu, which will not have a AV1 decoder.
Apps like VLC or Firefox (since version 101) use VAAPI to hardware decode video on intel and amd graphics.
When I have that older amd d-gpu for games, I can set the BIOS of the motherboard to keep the intel igpu with quicksync enabled.
Will VAAPI then automatically choose the Intel igpu to decode AV1 since the older amd gpu can not do that ?
Has anyone experience with that or just know that ?

kind regards.

See Arch Wiki: Hardware video acceleration - ArchWiki

I guess you need to install intel-media-driver, uninstall libva-intel-driver that does not support AV1.