Does updating system with pacman updates AUR packages as well?

I have Uninstalled pamac and switched to yay but, I want to know which package manager updates packages from both official and AUR repository

pacman does not install or update AUR packages. yay is a wrapper around pacman and does handle the AUR, both in terms of installing and updating.

yay -Syu

… will update your entire system by first calling pacman and then updating your AUR packages.

Do however keep in mind that yay must be run as an unprivileged user ─ it will prompt you for a password when needed ─ while pacman must be run with root privileges for installing and removing software. You can however run it as an unprivileged user for querying the database.


Many are capable - just beware of the :dragon_face:

Its generally not encouraged to use an AUR helper for system updates … I would do it like this:

sudo pacman -Syu && yay -Sua --devel

(whether you feel you need to do that after an update, or in the tty … thats up to you …)

That’s more or less how I do it too, because I have to remount several of my filesystems read/write for updating. So I run pacman as root in a tty, and then I “su -l aragorn” for running yay.

But I don’t see why yay couldn’t be used for updating the system. It’s a wrapper around pacman, and it will first run pacman purely by itself before updating the AUR packages.

Its true yay is actually pretty good about actually sorting and calling pacman when it can, and first, to do the things. But Not so long ago that was a very rare thing.

How does pamac install packages from aur with some configuration in settings?

pamac is very different from pacman. It is fully compatible with and designed for the Arch Linux Package Management specifications, but it works differently internally, and it was developed specifically for Manjaro.

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