Does pamac delay updates from the AUR?

I noticed that if you use pamac, the version lags behind yay.

pamac search -a libcmrt
libcmrt 1.0.6-2

yay -Ss libcmrt
aur/libcmrt 1.0.6-3

Why is this happening?

It’s because pamac searches a locally stored database of packages available via the AUR, while yay searches the AUR directly.

You can tell pamac to update its local database. :point_down:

pamac update --aur --force-refresh
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AUR package was updated < 3 hours before this topic - libcmrt 1.0.6-3
Last Updated: 2024-07-08 10:00 (UTC)

and local AUR databse had not been updated

$ pamac update -a
Synchronizing package databases...
Refreshing AUR..

pamac search works as expected when database is up to date

$ pamac search -a libcmrt
libcmrt  1.0.6-3                                                                                                     AUR
    Intel C for Media RunTime GPU kernel manager

To answer your topic question Does pamac delay updates from the AUR

No - pamac does not delay updates.

Because pamac does not query AUR directly, yay does.

It uses a manjaro CDN which a some intervals will download the metadata using the api provided by AUR.

The reason is due to the popularity of pamac across Arch based distributions which causes a heavy load on AUR api.

Search the forum if you want to know the details.

Start with [Need-To-Know] About Manjaro and AUR

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yay also can use this database, download a 10Mo database file , but by default is not

yay -Pd | grep rpc
        "rpc": true,

All 10 minutes, a new version to download …

curl -IL ''
content-length: 10791489
last-modified: Mon, 08 Jul 2024 15:54:01 GMT
expires: Mon, 08 Jul 2024 16:04:31 GMT

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