Does mkinitcpio.conf survive new kernel?


Will a customized /etc/mkinitcpio.conf be overwritten when a new kernel is installed? – Or is it “customize once, works forever”? Never having been so deep into a Linux, I may be simply lacking the right google-bait :confused: and that might be all the help needed.

Background: The plan is to use a custom hook(1) to have an overlayfs on the initramfs. That in turn would allow booting in an emergency on a read-only btrfs snapshot (otherwise, if stuff in /var can’t be written it causes problems(2) ). And read-only prevents accidentally damaging that safe fallback.

Backer ground: I am reading up on what to expect when I follow a tutorial(3) for an install “with btrfs-luks full disk encryption including /boot and auto-snapshots with Timeshift”, where the snapshots that will be created by grub-btrfs(4) are read-only. So far this looks good, but I need to know if said .conf will have to be restored frequently.

I am too new here, the respective links would be (replace XXXX with https):
(1) XXXX://
(2) example: XXXX://
(3) XXXX://
(4) XXXX://

Thanks for help, or the proper google search terms, or a pointer!

It will not be overwritten, and if there is an upstream change to the mkinitcpio package that introduces new options, then the sample configuration file will be saved as /etc/mkinitcpio.conf.pacnew, leaving it to you to merge the changes into your existing version.


Thank you!
I am impressed with the speed and depth of help here. Wow. Just wow. :grinning:


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