Does Manjaro support touch screen fully?

Hi guys, I’m new here and I’d like to switch from Windows to Linux because of the latest Windows 11 announcements.

So I’ve browsed the internet and found that Manjaro is the most beginner friendly Linux so far. I’d love to try it, therefore, I need to know if it supports touch screens?

My laptop has a touch screen that I enjoy using and I would love to have that option on Manjaro.

Although I am new to Manjaro specifically, I have used Linux Ubuntu before on an older PC, I can use a few commands on a terminal and all, so even if there needs to be a bit of work done to get Manjaro to support my touch screen, I’m willing to do it.

Thank you all, and have a nice day.

manjaro is not a entry-level distribution. this is a story-tale of the www. if you wanna get into linux use something more conservative, stable and no rolling release.
ubuntu-based distros are a good pick to start into linux (linux mint, mx linux or whatever). you can get an overview here:

something windows users don’t know is that linux has several graphical user interfaces (kde/plasma, gnome, cinnamon, xfce, mate, …)
you can pick out of a hell of different graphical user interfaces and depending which you use you can also configure them optical in a way that you can’t believe if you’re coming from windows.
some of them are supporting touch as default, some need to install touch-interfaces additional and some don’t.

a good step is to use the live-images that the distros deliver and check which graphical user interface is your choice. be aware that using usb-sticks to boot a operating system is very slow, but you get a first impression.


Welcome to the forum! :vulcan_salute:

Please be advised that GNU/Linux is not and never was intended to be a substitute for Microsoft Windows. GNU/Linux was intended as a Free & Open Source alternative to the proprietary UNIX offerings from the likes of IBM, Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), SGI, DEC (later Compaq and now HP) and SCO.

Then I’m afraid you are badly mistaken, although the Manjaro Team is itself partly responsible for this misconception, courtesy of an over-enthusiastic and misleading former description of the Manjaro distribution on an older version of our website.

The following short essay will clear things up a bit. :point_down:

Touch screens are supported, yes. :wink:


Manjaro can be used on touch screen - I used Gnome with a Lenovo Miix 700 tablet - it was doable.

Most likely the Gnome edition will be the one with the best tablet experience.

I have played with both Plasma Mobile and Gnome on Pinephone but keep returning to Gnome based layout.

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Why don’t you just burn a live iso on a usb drive and test?
Last time i had a hybrid laptop was some years ago with ubuntu - touch worked, until the device went to sleep, then not anymore. There was a fix for it of course but it did not worked out of the box. So just try on that specific machine.

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Thank you so much! I did look into a few ubuntu based ones and I think Mint is my top choice for now.
This was very helpful, I appreciate it.

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I understand what you mean, I just thought maybe it does work but not as soon as you install it, maybe there are a few steps to get it done, so might as well ask instead of trying it on my own and believing falsely that it doesn’t work.
However, you did give me the wonderful idea of just having Manjaro on a usb and using Mint as my main.
Appreciate it!

I really appreciate your reply, thank you so much, it helped me make up my mind.

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time to get an external drive and store all your important datas from windows that you can get rid of this what had been a operating-system ages ago and went to a total ransom-ware-nightmare.

p.s.: use the exfat-system for this external drive. just a memo for the future (do not use any ntfs-formats)


You’re giving it way too much credit. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Just upgraded to a Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 and gnome works perfectly on it. The touchscreen works fine with every desktop I’ve tried on manjaro but only tablet mode works with gnome. Definitely recommend gnome for 2-in-1 and touch screen laptops

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