Does Manjaro KDE support dual monitors with different scales in 2023?

I searched a lot on the Internet about the KDE’s support for dual monitors, and it seems that currently KDE only support a global setting for dual monitors unless we used the xrandr command.

But those related posts (e.g., Different Scaling with two monitors) are a little old. I want to know the latest progress. Is it possible to set different scales per monitor in Jun 2023 using GUI?

excuse me but may you explain what you mean with “scale”. i don’t believe that i’m the only one doesn’t understanding your question.

For example, we usually need to set the scaling to 200%, 125% for 4K and 2K monitor, respectively, for better readability.

This is unfortunately never going to work properly. We don’t support mixed-scale for multi-monitor setups on X11, and forcing it using xrandr will result in all kinds of bugs. You’re on your own here. :slightly_smiling_face: If you want supported mixed-scale multi-monitor setups, use the Wayland session!

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and while using wayland DO NOT USE NVIDIA !

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Some people had some success using xsettingsd

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Yes. Nvidia is the main obstacle for me to switch to wayland.