Does Manjaro have stats on help topics?

Would be for example interesting which desktop environment leads to most troubles for users of Manjaro.

I regulary read the daily Manjaro linux forum summary and i think it is KDE?!

Well you can see the tag counts, if that is that interesting…

The point is, how much users does KDE have? The problems are only relevant as a percentage of the userbase.
It is however quite possible, that plasma and gnome are more troublesome, because they are more actively developed, so new bugs and incompatibilities happen. XFCE is, well, slow in the development, to put it very nicely.


More posts can mean more (and more newbie) users … not necessarily more problems.

Its a pretty inaccurate way to try and gauge such things.

Even if the forum were the right place to look instead of something like an upstream bug tracker.

More bug reports? Could just mean more people interested and caring.

I’m sure I would have trouble finding a lot of bug reports of KDE3/Trinity at the moment … but that does not mean it would be a more worry-free experience.


Manjaro mysteries! Curious about which desktop gives users the most grief? KDE seems suspect, but let’s dig deeper. Official bug reports, surveys, and maybe even a community poll - together, we can crack this case and keep Manjaro smooth for everyone

Manjaro has a large collection of guides and how-to in the Tutorials section and the Wiki.

The Arch Wiki is an invaluable collection of Linux knowledge.

All of the above should be mandatory to search before posting and re-posting the same issue over and over.

Short answer - no - yet there is forum statistics but that is hardly relevant.

99% of all issues is

  • lack of knowledge
  • unsupported themes
  • bad configuration
  • upstream changes

Manjaro as distribution is largely self-serviced - and as such the users are required to know their way around the system or at least be willing to learn.

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When you help people solve problems, you don’t need statistics. Because you know what answers you have given in the last 6 months.

What to do:

  • Write good answers (and link to the answer if the question comes again)
  • Write a [HowTo] instead of always answering the same thing and link to the HowTo
  • Write a wiki page and link to it where appropriate
  • Write a program that solves the issue