Does Manjaro have backup system automatically set up in installation?

Hi, I lost a backup for Vivaldi session that was open 1 week ago, and on their forums, the last option they had was to check if there was a backup system set up and try to get the file back, is there something like that already set up for manjaro because I don’t believe that I manually did that myself.


Manaro has some tools installed like Timeshift. But those are system snapshots (No user data/configuration) and would need to be set up anyway.
Any real backup would need to be set up on a separate storage and therefore would always need to be set up by the user/admin and either connect to a cloud storage or been managed manually.


No - there is no predefined backup system for user data.

btrfs or timeshift may assist in recovering files from a given point in time but they should never be regarded as a backup solution.


@linux-aarhus @Ganimede Thanks, tried timeshift no snapshots available.

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