Does Manjaro handle better a tablet PC (Lenovo Miix 720) than Archlinux+KDE

Hi to all,
I’ve just bought a tablet PC (Lenovo Miix 720) and since I use archlinux on my laptop with KDE since 2015, I installed Archlinux+KDE on the Lenovo too.
It seems to work well if used as a laptop, but If I disconnect the keyboard I have the following issues:

  1. sddm has no on screen keyboard so I ahve to use GDM
  2. KDe (both with X11 and Wayland) does not have an on screen keyboard and rotation does not work
  3. Gnome has an onscreen keyboard but without ctrl, tab, F1-F12, arrows keys
    Will Manjaro have the same issues?
    Should I try to use it?
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