Does Manjaro ARM include the new updates for Raspberry Pi 4?

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I've searched around, made a comment on reddit, and found nothing, so hopefully this isn't a duplicate of any sort.

After the recent updates to the new raspberry pi 4 to improve the heating problem and the new bootloader coming out, i'm left wondering if this is also avalible on Manjaro ARM? I've seen a guide from tom's hardware that tells me that it's as simples as installing raspbian, or if it's already installed, just installing a package and everything else will be done automatically.

Is it the same for Manjaro ARM?

On a little side-note, i'm running raspbian on my raspberry pi and Manjaro on my laptop, and i do enjoy Manjaro, i was planning to make my raspberry pi into a media server and a NAS of sort, but i'm wondering if i should or not make the change, so i'm open for advices and personal experiences running this OS on pi's.

No. We do not currently have a way to update the built-in bootloader on the Raspberry Pi.

Couldn't you update the bootloader using a base install of Raspbian on a MicroSD, then switch over to Manjaro after it is updated and still get the benefits of the update? As I understand it, this is a firmware update and, as such, should persist across OS's and reboots once it is installed.

I've got Manjaro on my rpi4 as well. Honestly, I don't use it enough to warrant rolling release on it. I'm probably going back to raspbian on it. I also rarely use it, and I'm waiting for USB boot to come. I'm hoping that's in the new update to the bootloader. I only really got the pi so I can switch out my Amazon firestick and start watching TV on it, but it's too slow so far via SD card that things appear choppy in full screen in only 1080p. It's still so new, but I can't wait for the new updates to come for it.

wget -O /boot/partition/recovery.bin
wget -O /boot/partition/pieeprom.upd
wget -O /boot/partition/vl805.bin
sha256sum /boot/partition/pieeprom.upd | cut -d' ' -f1 >/boot/partition/pieeprom.sig
sha256sum /boot/partition/vl805.bin | cut -d' ' -f1 >/boot/partition/vl805.sig

At boot, the files only need to be on the boot-partition.

The internal firmware in the pi, will notice it's there and just apply them?
If that's the case, I can make a package for it.

Does it remove the binaries afterwards?


Here is a quote from the github - raspberrypi / rpi-eeprom-update script:

At the next reboot the ROM runs recovery.bin which updates EEPROM(s).
If the update was successful recovery.bin renames itself to recovery.000
to prevent it from running a second time then resets the system.
The system should then boot normally.

I can recommend Manjaro-Arm for playing videos.

I use Manjaro-Arm on a Rpi4 every day. I do coding and web browsing on it and also watch videos. I think Manjaro-Arm is now the best distro that has both a working 1080p video player and a good desktop.

For 1920 x 1080 video to play flawlessly you need to make some changes to Manjaro config files. These changes are explained in the post below, but some of those changes may not be necessary anymore since the defaults changed since writing that post:

Also you don't necessarily need USB - boot, I have split the OS in two so that only the boot - partition is on a SD - card and the rest of the OS is on a USB - hard disk. This speeds up booting and prevents wearing the SD - card out. The SD - card is only written to when files on the boot - partition receive updates.

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