Does manjaro arm benefit from a fstab mounted swap partition?

My argon case has room for a SATA M2 256GB ( which is 4 stops away from being delivered by Amazon at the time of this posting) but I was wondering if it’s worth adding a mechanical SSD to the USB port and using the swap partition I have on it?

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why swap is slow.
swap is an overflow, it’s to make room on RAM, but kept for faster access rather than just discarding.

just leave it alone or set swap to swap less.

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  1. No SSD is mechanical: all are fully electronic.
  2. No one can answer that question for you: it depends, so:



Well my team view 256gb data ssd seem like overkill even at 35$. Still though it seems faster than that micro disk thingy… Dont want to wear it out with swapping on it

Great article, highly informative. Why am I not surprised that the systemd tentacles are reaching out into the swap space? One nit I found in the article:

## Using zswap with systemd-swap
zswap is compressed swap kept in RAM. zswap keeps the most frequently used pages in RAM and writes less frequently used pages to the swap space on disk. In many workloads, this will result in increased swap performance and less wear and tear on SSDs.
To enable zswap with systemd-swap, simply alter the instructions above and set Linux Kernel parameter `Template:META Error`

I’m guessing the template error is hiding some important code there.

So 2x ram is max recommended amount but since adding more ram isnt feasible that could be stretched a bit…maybe.

Just off the cuff, a swap file seems like it would wear a ssd less than a swap partition and zswap seems like it would decrease wear even more but for that I would need systemd swap enabled?

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You should already have swap to ram installed.


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oH! OK so I don’t need to enable that… I prefer keeping one less tentacle on my system.

Sudo swapon

Name type size used priority

/swapfile file 16g 0b -2
/dev/zram0 partition 11.5g. 0b 100

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